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Title: Dance Work
Work: Bank


A work that used a bank of ideas generated by looking at many visual patterns from different cultures. The dancers began the rehearsal process by imagining the printed pattern within the whole volume of the body or parts of it, the structure of the pattern informing the movement. The second stage of this process included two or more dancers finding a further pattern to inform how they should relate spatially. Matteo Fargion performed live his commissioned score for amplified cardboard boxes.


‘If White Man Sleeps shows an intricacy of body movement within simple spatial configurations, Bank, Davies’ new work, extends the sophistication of both, retaining an underlying clarity of structure beneath an animated surface of movement. Plain floor patterns are elaborated physically and spatially, becoming amplified through the dancers' bodies and developing into knotty interlacings that leave the patterns they trace hanging in the air like an after-image. Characteristically with Davies, both pieces use particularly physical ideas not only to explore the extraordinary possibilities of human movement, but also as routes into a more interior landscape of human feeling’ (Sanjoy Roy, programme note, 1997).

‘Bank is set to an extraordinary percussive score performed live by composer Matteo Fargion. Davies’ choreography sees simple fragments of movement building up to create complex patterns’ (Dance Umbrella programme note, 1997).