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Title: Dance Work
Work: To hand


Siobhan Davies and dance artist Matthias Sperling were invited to create a new work for the Whitechapel Gallery. To hand was performed within Claire Barclay's Shadow Spans installation over four hours a day for a period of three weeks. The work was informed by Davies' and Sperling's engagement with Barclay's installation and the ideas behind her work.

Dance & Artworks:
To hand - Siobhan Davies, Matthias Sperling
Shadow Spans - Claire Barclay


"Matthias and I entered Shadow Spans and like every other visitor, we brought the outside world into the installation. Claire Barclay was ahead of us, she seemed to have relished finding out about how certain objects are crafted and her work already included exquisitely made things, each one re-imagined from activities, structures and materials found in the Whitechapel Gallery's present and historic environment. The individual parts as well as the whole exist in their time and their own variations of completion. Each object invites being looked at.

Matthias and I have been involved in several processes in order to find the particular durational presence our movement might bring amongst this stillness. We continuously came back to thinking about what Claire must have learnt in order to make her work and we concentrated on finding simple movements that need a complex collection of decisions to make each movement work and be noticed."
Siobhan Davies, Feb 2011, Claire Barclay - Shadow Spans Catalogue